4 Options Trading Books That Should Be on Your Holiday Reading List

by Options Sensei |

With the winter holidays and New Year’s break just around the corner, this is the perfect time to brush up on your options knowledge. Not that I wouldn’t reach for the latest Jack Reacher novel, object to the suggestion of Grisham’s courtroom intrigue, or deny the deal-making put forth by Trump.

But as someone who writes about and actively trades options, I belong to the camp that believes options are a valuable investment tool that, when properly utilized, can boost returns and reduce risk. So, instead, impress your neighbors, annoy your family, and study yourself into a well-deserved siesta with some of the best books and resources on options. It may lack the drama of reading central banks interventionist policies, but I promise the long-term benefit is better.

That said, I acknowledge the validity of many of the arguments made against options. Perhaps pointing out the most common pitfalls, rather than proselytizing on the benefits, is the best approach to bring some even-handedness to the subject.

I’ll tee up a few topics and offer some reading suggestions for those that want to delve deeper and don’t mind being curling up near a fire with a hot toddy and swiping through an options book or tablet…

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