900+ Pts Down Yesterday…What Should You Do?

by Options Sensei |

There was a lot of panic in retail investors yesterday.

A lot of new traders and less experienced traders scared to death of the correction in the markets.

My email box blew up with subscribers to Options360 asking what they should do.

My answer?

Jump into a trade.

That’s right, in the middle of the bloodbath yesterday we jumped into an iron condor position and got paid $560 to put it on.

After the election Tuesday, I expect implied volatility to start going down, which will benefit us as we take advantage of time decay.

If that doesn’t make any sense to you, don’t worry – I explain everything in detail to my Options360 subscribers.

Have You Taken Advantage of Your $19 Trial Subscription?

The truth of the matter is this kind of market – with lots of price movement-  benefits traders like you and me.

It helps us find positions to trade for significant profits.

Markets that are just moving sideways are terrible – markets that are moving up or down give us the chance to make lots of profitable trades…

As long as you know how to trade them.

That’s what Options360 is all about.  Not only giving you trade recommendations to help you make money in the markets but also showing you how you can find trades yourself.

Ideally, you wouldn’t need me to find these trades and put them on.

Why do I say that?

Because my best, most loyal subscribers are the traders who can (and do) trade on their own.

They keep their membership because they see the value of my recommendations, the bi-weekly education, and the ability to ask my questions via email.

I want you to be there, too.

You can start by taking advantage of the $19 trial subscription to Options360.  

It’ll be the best $19 you’ve ever invested in your trading education.

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