Are the Markets in Recession Denial?

by Options Sensei |

Today saw stocks open deep in the red, only to bounce back and close with back with just minor losses. “Buy the dip” still seems to be the mantra, and still seems to be working. But for how much longer?

Today we look at a troubling recession prediction that suggests that The Markets are in Denial. 

If you watch the mainstream business media frequently enough during the day, you will be reminded, almost incessantly, that ‘stocks’ are at record highs, Amazon and Apple are fighting it out in the trillion-dollar-market-cap chase, and Netflix calls are safer than Treasuries.

Trade wars are shrugged off, slumping economic data is ignored, and the flaccidity of the broadest stock market measures is brushed off because only ‘losers’ don’t buy the biggest, momo-est, rich-est stocks because they’re a no-brainer.

Here’s What You Need to Know.

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