Don’t Worry About the Hype…

by Options Sensei |

I’ve seen some news reports and bloggers getting all excited because the market opened with the Dow a little over 150 pts down. 

And people are going crazy because BTC is down almost 20% from last week. 

If you are getting caught up in the fear, just relax.  

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I always tell you, every market needs to pull back sometimes.  We don’t want to get caught in the pullback, which is why we don’t have any naked positions…

But the pullback itself is healthy.  

It helps form a new base that the market can build on. 

And besides, at the current valuation, 150 pts is nothing.  Less than .5%. 

Don’t get caught up in the hype, the market will likely keep surging forward.  And if it doesn’t our hedges will protect us and we will change strategies and take advantage of any correction

Fear is never healthy in trading. 

Not the Fear of Missing Out and not the Fear of Losing.  

Neither one serves you. 

Stick to your plan and trade the market you have

To Your Success,


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PPS. I don’t do anything with BTC. I just mention it because it’s adding to the fear.

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