How Breaking My Neck can Make You Money…

by Options Sensei |

“He’s lucky he isn’t paralyzed or dead.”  That’s what the ER doctor told my parents.

You see, when I was a kid I loved sports.

I played tennis, basketball, and I especially loved swimming in lakes and the ocean primarily.

One afternoon, when I was 17, I was body surfing at the beach, when I got caught by a particularly big wave.

Normally it wouldn’t have been an issue, except I wasn’t ready when the wave broke and I tumbled out of control.   My head hit the ground underwater and my body twisted the wrong way…

And I felt a massive pain shoot through my neck.  A few seconds later — when I washed up on shore — my right arm felt like there was electricity running through it and my legs were numb.

Luckily I was at the beach with friends, so they took me to the ER right away.

This was before cell phones, but the ER called my parents and they immediately came to the hospital.

That’s when I overheard the doctor talking to them.

When I really grasped how close I had come to dying, a few things came into focus for me.  The most obvious is don’t take dumb risks, and always be ready for the unexpected.

I also realized that life is precious and can end at any second, so don’t leave things undone.  You want to be responsible, but don’t wait to live your life “someday.”

That message was reinforced over the next 6 months as I walked around with a halo brace to keep my neck perfectly still while I mended.

Even all these years later, those beliefs underlie everything I do…

Even the way I trade and how I manage Options360 for my subscribers.

We take the shots, but not foolishly or without preparation.

If I was cavalier about trading we wouldn’t be up 32% year to date compared with the S&P which is up a meager 1.86% YTD.

We are “intelligently aggressive” and it pays off week after week, month after month, and year after year.

You can try Options360 out for just $19.   Fact is, you can’t go wrong…

The bi-weekly market breakdown webinars you get access to are worth 50 times the trial rate, without even considering the trade reco’s.

Get all the details here, and I’ll see you on the “inside.”

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