Maniac Trader Revealed…

by Options Sensei |

You probably know by now that I have been around the market all of my life.

My father was a broker-dealer, and I started working as a runner for him during the summer when I was 12 years old.

I wasn’t deeply involved in the precise trades he made.

But as I got older and took more of an interest in the business, I got a general idea about his strategy and what kinds of positions he took.

For example, in 1980-’81, when Volker jacked the Federal Funds rate up to 20%, my father was taking very aggressive positions in interest rate instruments.

Again, I don’t know the specifics.  I just remember him talking about it.

Also, options were just starting to trade in a big way and my pops was a premium selling machine!

Very few people wanted to sell options and lots of people wanted to buy…

And my dad accommodated the buyers on a large scale.

For about 15 years the strategy worked brilliantly.  He made loads of money between ‘75 and ‘90.

However, what I didn’t understand then – and what I do understand now is that he was taking on massive risk.

I found that out the hard way on my first trade.

You’ve likely heard me talk about it before – I sold 10 out contracts on UAL and collected $1000.

The next day, when the contracts were set to expire, a merger was called off –  UAL stock plunged and I lost $50,000 overnight.

Lesson learned.

I will give my old man this, he was proven to be right even though he was a maniac.  Still, his plays were too risky for my blood.

That’s why we take a very methodical, hedged approach to trading in Options360.  Yes, it might seem boring sometimes, but we have beat the pants off the S&P 500 every year since we launched…

And that translates into reliable wealth building at a “light speed” pace.

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