[Open Immediately] 300% in 24hrs?

by Options Sensei |

Dear Reader,

Right now, there is a 6-week window open that can give traders access to unreasonable profits in very short periods of time.

For example, last week, my subscribers found a 65% overnight profit in Morgan Stanley (MS), and 21% next day profit in Texas Instruments (TN)…

And an amazing 300% profit in 24 hours on Netflix (NFLX).

This window is only going to be open for a few more weeks, then it slams shut and you’ll have to wait until it opens again later this year to find these kinds of opportunities.

That’s why tomorrow at 1:00 pm Eastern I am going to explain what this window is and reveal my PEPE formula for finding and profiting from these kinds of exciting trades.

This is a training session you don’t want to miss, and because you are part of the Options Sensei family, I want to open it up to you for FREE!

Just click here and let me know that you want to attend.

To Your Success,


P.S. You still have a few weeks left to profit from these kinds of amazing trades.  Don’t miss out!
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