Revealed: Why You Win Some & You Lose Some

by Options Sensei |

I hate it when I have to exit a losing trade.  Still, sometimes proper portfolio management requires that we bite the bullet and take a small loss. 

That’s what happened in Options360 earlier this week.  We closed a trade in WMT for a $126 loss.  Not the end of the world, but I still don’t like it. 

That said, last week we closed 2 really strong trades…

FB for a 35% ROI, and…

INAQ for a 33% ROI.  

We were in FB for 3 weeks and INAQ for a little over 5 weeks. 

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If you talk to your financial planner they’ll tell you those kinds of returns are fools gold and you shouldn’t take on that much risk. 

But, when you look for yourself you realize that proper portfolio management allows you to find these kinds of trades without taking on unlimited risk.  

Heck, it’s not unusual to see our trades return 50%-60%, with a very limited and predetermined amount of risk!

But, in fairness to your local financial planner, we need to look at the overall profit or loss for the year.  

I mean really, who cares if we have a couple of great trades?

Well YTD, the Options360 portfolio is up 10%, winners and losers included. And we aren’t even out of February yet.  

Needless to say, Options360 subscribers are VERY happy with the results.  

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