Stick to the Game Plan and Find the Winners

by Options Sensei |

Just a quick email today with a short message and an update to the Options360 portfolio.  

Now that we are back to markets as usual – which means volatile with an upward trend for the last year…

I just want to remind you that if we stick to the game plan we can find winners and capitalize on the current market.  

When you get involved with a circus like the one that we watched playout for the last few weeks, you either win big or lose big.  

Unfortunately, for everyone who made big profits – there are at least that many who lost big…

Or maybe worse, there were people who got in early, made big profits on paper, and didn’t exit.  

Ugh!  That can be the worst blow of all.  

Anyone in the markets knows that losing an investment is part of the game…

But to know you lost out on life-changing money because you didn’t sell in time…

That can be a hard blow to take. 

Meanwhile, in Options360 we just closed a trade on Visa for a 45% gain in 3 days

Those kinds of gains are not unusual, though they are not a daily occurrence.

That just goes to show that you don’t need to try and navigate some dangerous bubble to make money in the market.  

You just need to stick to the game plan and grind out the profits.   

We are still managing 3 other positions for income, waiting for the chance to exit them for substantial gains.

And I am reviewing several trades for next week.

Stick to the plan and you’ll be OK in the long run, as long as you have a good plan

More on that later. 

To Your Success,


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