The 100% REAL Truth About Trading and the Markets…

by Options Sensei |

Ever since I started working as a financial journalist and newsletter editor I have always told the truth about the markets, even if it wasn’t a popular thing to say.

It has almost cost me a job in some cases…

And I almost got “punched out” by a professional athlete because he didn’t like what I was saying about his options strategy.

His name was Lenny Dykstra. He was a famous MLB player who started touting a specific strategy for options trading.

I found the strategy irresponsible and misleading, and I said as much in my column and newsletter.

My readers needed to know that they should be careful if they decided to follow Lenny’s suggestions.

Over the next few months, we had a bit of a “feud in print,” until Lenny showed up at my office looking for me one day.

If you’re not a baseball fan, then you need to know that Lenny’s nickname in the MLB was “Nails” because of his “tough as nails” style of playing the game.

Now, I’ve always been an athlete and in pretty good shape, but when a PROFESSIONAL athlete named Nails, who I’ve been feuding with, shows up at my office looking for me….

I don’t mind telling you I was a bit nervous. Especially since he made his intention to smash me in the face very clear.

Luckily we were able to talk it out, and while I didn’t change my mind about his strategy, at least the feud was over.

Turns out, by the way, that Lenny ended up having some legal troubles – so my concerns were not unfounded.

Anyway, my point is I always give you the cold hard truth about the market as I see it. I may make a mistake, but I NEVER mislead to sugarcoat the information you need to know.

And if I am giving my opinion – I will make it clear that it is my opinion.

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