The Bulls and the Bears Are Fighting it Out…

by Options Sensei |

Last weekend, I sent out an article in which I laid out a case for a steep market decline.

Ever since then, it looks like the bulls and bears are fighting each other for dominance.

In a market that has seen triple-digit moves in the Dow daily, we saw a 2-point move up on Tuesday and a 37-point move on Wednesday.

As I write this Thursday, we are over 200 points down.

We will see how the day ends up, but it’s possible the steep decline I predicted has already started.

And even if this isn’t it, a correction will have to come at some point.  The market can’t just go up forever, no matter what Davey Day Trader says.

Corrections and consolidations are natural and healthy.  Without them, the market becomes more and more fragile so that anything can cause a panic.

Kind of like a boxer who gets hit in the chin in the first round and shakes it off, but the same punch in the 12th round knocks him out.

The market needs to cool off a little.

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To Your Success,

Steve Smith

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