We Have a Winner?

by Options Sensei |

The media has announced that the winner of the Presidential election is Joe Biden.

Will Trump prevail in the courts?

Can the media “elect” a President?

What does the market think about this?

Well, as I write before the market opens, Dow futures are up over 1700 points.

We will see if that holds, however it seems to answer the question about what the market thinks.  Clearly, the market thinks the election is over and Biden is President-Elect.

That means less uncertainty and a virtual guarantee of more stimulus…

And the market is happy about it.

To be absolutely clear, I am a political atheist when it comes to investing.  I have my personal opinions, but when it comes to making money in the market I couldn’t care less who wins or losses or which party is in control…

I just care how we can take advantage of this market and make money wherever it is heading.

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To Your Success,


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