Why the Next 6 Weeks Could Make Your Year…

by Options Sensei |

If you have been reading my work for any length of time you know that volatility can mean profits for traders….

Especially options traders because small moves can mean big profits.

That is doubly true when you are structuring your trades correctly.

The goal is an unlimited upside and a well defined, limited downside.

A well-structured trading portfolio removes a lot of aggregate risk because ideally, we make big wins and only have small losses.

When you combine that with a volatile market, it gets especially exciting…

And the next 6 weeks should prove to be extremely volatile!

Not only is there still civil unrest in the US, but the Presidential election is only a few weeks away, there seems to be a resurgence of COVID in Europe, and the President has just tested positive for the virus and spent the weekend at Walter Reed Medical Center.

It’s amid that backdrop that we enter the final Earnings season of the calendar year 2020.

Earnings seasons are known for volatility anyway…

But add everything else and we could be looking at an incredible opportunity for you, IF you know how to “defensively” trade during earnings.

I am doing a special FREE training session with my publisher, Adam Mesh this Wednesday, October 7th at 6 pm Eastern.

In this session, we are going to explain how you can use PEPE – my proprietary trading strategy for earnings season – to extract money from the market over the next 6 weeks.

I’m going to get granular on this training session.  We’ll review specific trades, why we got into them, and how we maximized profit while cutting risk to the downside.

The training session is FREE, however, you need to let us know that you want to attend so we can reserve a spot for you.

Once again, the training is FREE. My goal is for you to get off the training session with everything you need to profit during this earnings session.

To Your Success,


PS. We will likely hit our attendance limits, so make sure to register now and show up 10 minutes early.  I would hate for you to be locked out of this training session.

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