Will the Upcoming Wave of IPO’s Wipeout the Market?

by Options Sensei |

Over the next few months, there is going to be a tsunami of Initial Public Offerings (IPOs)hitting the market. Here are the best bets, the ones to steer clear of, and what it might mean for the overall stock market.

After a relatively dry spell with just 320 total public offerings in the past three years — and none during the last quarter of 2018 or January as market conditions and government shut down put IPO’s on hold — 2019 is set to see a deluge of IPO’s; some 220 companies are expected to go public, raising over $700 billion and possibly representing a total market cap of over $2 trillion.

The former number is still dwarfed, nearly 600 companies that came to market during 1999 dot.com days, but the capital expected to be raised will set a record.

This prompts a question…

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