A Well Deserved Mai Tai…

by Options Sensei |

It was a wild week on Wall Street last week.

It’s the kind of week that can get you crushed if you have any naked positions.  

That’s why we only take positions with a well-defined and limited downside in Options360.  

Some of our trades are feeling a little pressure, so we are reducing our cost basis and managing them.

I’m still enthusiastic about those trades because remember – the Fed is still very accommodative, and the government is approving more stimulus.  That doesn’t guarantee a rising market, but it doesn’t hurt!

On the bright side, we closed 2 trades this week for substantial gains:

  • 56% ROI in MS, and 
  • 47% ROI in IWM

Even better, our Options360 model portfolio is up a whopping 12.2% for the year.  

I knew this year was going to be great.  

Hope you are having a wonderful Saturday.  I am headed to the tiki bar for a well-deserved Mai Tai and a few hours of R&R with my nose deep inside a detective novel.  

And on Monday I will be back, rested and rejuvenated, to help my Options360 subscribers have a banner year.  

You can join us for just $19!

To Your Success,



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