[ Archegos Capital ] How This Crisis Can be Your Payday

by Options Sensei |

As you probably know by now, Archegos Capital is the fourth hedge fund this quarter to blow up.

The market is susceptible to these kinds of events when there’s too much liquidity and too much margin debt. 

Small moves magnified by debt can create massive losses.

And with a worldwide integrated digital financial system, those losses can quickly ripple through the market.

Right now Credit Suisse has announced “highly significant” losses…

Nomura, a Japanese bank, said it is facing “a significant loss arising from transactions with a US client,” which is almost for sure Archegos …

And Deutsche Bank is in bed with them as well, although they are being tight-lipped about the extent of losses.

In the meantime, Options360 subscribers closed out a 225% winner, and I intend to make this disaster an opportunity for subscribers.

It’s the Wall Street way, every disaster is a payday for somebody.

We will be putting the first trade on tomorrow, and then I expect several more trades over the next week and a half or so.

Of course, I never force anything and all of our trades are properly hedged to limit any loss.

Traded properly this can be an exciting opportunity if you decide to take advantage of it.

If you’re already an Options360 subscriber just keep a close eye on your email and text.

If you are not a member then grab your $19 trial subscription before you miss out on the next round of exciting trading opportunities

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