Are These Rising Rates Going to Slam Your Portfolio?

by Options Sensei |

Earlier this week I talked about rising rates and how they could put pressure on stocks.  

Of course, everything else is pointing to continued growth – including Covid cases rapidly declining, a huge fiscal stimulus package in the works, strong corporate profits, and an accommodative Federal Reserve.

Still, the Dow just moved up less than half a point this week, so we may be seeing some temporary pressure on the market. 

So, I’m looking at some other familiar positions from the last commodity supercycle for my Options360 subscribers. 

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I don’t want to brag, but my subscribers in Options360 have seen substantial overall returns year in and year out, since 2015.  A significant part of the reason why we keep having winning year after winning year is because of the flexibility in our approach. 

Unlike so many other services, we don’t constrain ourselves to a specific strategy or a specific sector.  

I trade in Options360 like I trade my own account.  

Heck, I do trade my own account with my subscribers

I’m really excited about how some of these trades are shaping up.  I already mentioned Mosaic (MOS) yesterday…

But that is only one of the trades I am planning on putting on.  

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Next week is going to be EXCITING!

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PS.  Past performance is not an indication of future performance.  I know you know that already but the regulators want me to remind you and it’s good to make sure you remember.

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