Can We Expect the Volatility to Get Worse?

by Options Sensei |

These last couple of weeks have been a roller coaster ride in the market.  We’ve seen huge swings based solely on news, announcements, or tweets…

And as the election gets closer you can expect more of the same.

Election years are always volatile, however with the resurgence of Covid, the apparent lack of a stimulus package deal, the uncertainty about who will be elected, and stock valuations already in the stratosphere…

Right now is NOT the time to play “Herro Ball!” (Yes I am a basketball fan.)

The right way to trade this market is selectively, defensively, and carefully.

Sometimes you can just buy anything and make money.  That’s mostly during a strong bull market or as the market crashes.

For example, during the crash in March, you could buy almost any put contract and sell it a few days later for a profit.

That isn’t because people were doing a great job at choosing put contracts to buy, it was because the market was crashing!

It was hyper-directional, so making money was easy.

That’s not the situation we are in right now…

Right now, the market could turn on a dime, or on a tweet.

That kind of uncertainty requires caution, which is why we are being even more selective than normal in Options360.

I am always careful in choosing the positions I recommend, and I never leave readers open in a naked position.

But right now I am even more defensive, even more selective, even more careful.

That’s how we make money in this kind of market.  We grind it out, and when the market finally chooses a firm direction again – we will be here ready and waiting to cash in big.

To Your Success,


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