Dave Portnoy: Why It’s Not Always Easy to Profit in the Market

by Options Sensei |

So, how do you create a stock market bubble in the midst of a global pandemic in four easy steps?

  1. Take interest rates to 0.00. Creating more debt to solve a debt problem, causing deflation and inflicting economic repression on savers, people dependent on yield, and other fiscally responsible parties is a good start.
  2. Cut trading commissions to 0.00. What we lose in margin we make up in volume. See below for additional comments on why this has become the best of times for fintech-focused firms.
  3. Make the printing press go Brrrrr, creating trillions of dollars, see how that just rolls off the tongue, into not only market plumbing but also directly into people’s bank accounts. The Obama Phone program ain’t got nothing on this administration currently ‘we’re all in this together’ largess.  Me, I’m still waiting for my $1,200 smackers
  4.  Shut down all the offices and sports and force everyone to sit at home. Hmmm, where does a junkie fix his or just make a damn honest living?

The poster child for the last item is… Continue reading at StockNews.com

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