Discover How to Win During Earnings Season…

by Options Sensei |

Four times a year we get the chance to make some quick money during a 6-week earnings season.

When traders think of earnings season, most of them think of volatility. 

That volatility means we can get in on some very exciting short term trades.  

Once you discover how to find them.  

We are getting ready to enter the first earnings season of the calendar year 2021, and I want to make sure you don’t miss it!

That’s why Today at 6 pm Eastern (3 pm Pacific) Adam Mesh and I are hosting a training session where we will share the best ways I know to leverage the next 6 weeks.

My plan for earnings is to focus on high probability short term trades, with limited downside…

Then use what we see to inform my medium and longer-term trading as we move forward.  

Discover How I Do it Tonight at 6 pm!

A strong earning season can mean a strong market in the medium term.  A poor earnings season may mean the opposite.   

I’m going to explain my proprietary strategy for finding exciting opportunities during earnings season, so you don’t want to miss this training session.  

I’m making the training session available to Options Sensei readers 100% FREE, but you must register.  

Understanding my earnings strategy prior to the season starting may give you a nice jump start to your trading year.  It could also help make sure you maximize your gains in 2021…  

So click here and I’ll see you at 6 pm.

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