How I Find Great Trades in My Winter Shorts & Closed-Toed Sandals

by Options Sensei |

Another fun Saturday…

And another great week for Options360 subscribers.  

On Thursday, we closed a trade in MCD for an amazing 41% win in just 6 days!

I Hope You Didn’t Miss That Trade, But If You Did – You Can Be Ready for the Next Home Run Trade for Just $19!

Overall, we are up an impressive 19% year to date.  As I always tell you, it’s important to know what the overall portfolio is doing when assessing a trading service.  Anyone can hit a good trade now and again…

But if you follow all the recommendations as given – what ROI are you making?

In Options360, since 2015, we have beat the pants off the S&P 500. And this year is shaping up to be the same. 

Now to the fun…

My friends up north ask me why I moved to Florida.  

They read these goofy “Florida man” stories on the Internet and assume the state is full of crazy people. 

I tell them it’s because I wear my “winter shorts and closed-toed sandals” from December to April.  

This weekend in New York City, where I was born – the high is forecast to be 55 degrees. 

That’s not bad, but while my friends in NYC are wearing jackets I’m going to be relaxing on the beach soaking up the rays with a comfortable 74 degrees.  

Trust me when I say going to the beach in the dead of winter is priceless!  

Sure I could get some hedge fund to pay me an obscene amount of money if I moved back to NYC or Chicago…

But I love working for you, and the Fed couldn’t print enough money to entice me to need a winter wardrobe again. 

I have a good feeling about next week!  Make sure you are aboard. 

You can still get your $19 trial membership before you miss out on another trade.

To Your Success,



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