How I Made a 64% Average Return Over the Past 5 Years

by Options Sensei |

I’ve been a professional options trader since the age of 22  — when I became one of the youngest members of the Chicago Board of Options Exchange (CBOE).

In the 33 years since I’ve been involved in all aspects of the trading industry; from a columnist for publications such as to consulting as a risk manager for a multi-billion dollar hedge fund to running various options-based newsletters.

I’ve never been prouder (or happier) than what I’ve been doing with the Adam Mesh Trading Group through my Options360 platform.

The Options360 service is an “unconstrained” options-based newsletter. Meaning, it employs a variety of options strategies — both long (bull) and short (bear) and debit and credit positions– to seek optimal risk-adjusted returns.

I rely on an approach I refer to as The “3 Ps,” which are: Process, Probability, and Profit.

Watch this presentation to learn more about my 3P approach

The goal is to identify attractive opportunities and apply the appropriate options strategy, which aligns with the trade thesis.

As a former CBOE member, I cut my teeth as a market maker on the exchange floor. This means I take a very options-centric and math-oriented approach.

To consistently produce profits, I don’t need to be right all the time. I simply need to control my risk and maximize my gains.

My Goal:

Set up trades with a 2:1 risk/reward and win 60% of the time.

This would deliver a 120% return.

 Aggressive? Yes. But, not unrealistic or impossible. I have achieved these results year after year.

Since its inception in January 2015 — through 2020 — the Options360 Service had returned an average of 64% per year.

The profits have come consistently through market ups and downs and also during periods of low and high volatility.

Five years of above-market returns:

  •       2015 gain of 122%
  •       2016 gain of 39%
  •       2017 gain of 61%
  •       2018 gain of 67%
  •       2019 gain of 77%
  •       2020 gain of 28.3% as of July 30th

The upshot is that I take my experience and expertise as a professional options trader and bring it to you in a format that is easy to understand and execute.

Right now, we are offering a special one-month trial for just $19 per month!

When you sign up for Options360, you’ll get:

  •       Three to four trade recommendations per week.
  •       Alerts (and texts) sent to you with a full explanation of the rationale, parameters, and expectations for each trade.
  •       Real-time execution and tracking.
  •       Monday morning Outlooks
  •       Bi-Monthly live web calls
  •       Access to my direct email*

*This last item is one I really pride myself on.  Current members can attest to how quickly and thoroughly I respond to all questions, queries, complaints, and compliments.

Get the one month trial for just $19.

Let’s do options trading the right way, together!


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