How to Manage Trades Caught Up in the Volatility

by Options Sensei |

As I write this the market is under a little bit of pressure.  Not surprising since the Dow is up almost 1000 pts since last Monday.  

Nothing goes straight up, but I expect the market to keep rising in the short term.

The Fed is just too accommodating right now, and if yields rise too much I imagine that they will start something like Operation Twist, where they will keep the yield curve under control. 

That said, we did have a couple of trades get caught (and ground up) in the volatility.  

It happens to everyone no matter how good you are.  

That’s why we manage our trades like we do.  Enter the trades with defined risk and reduce that risk when possible while we are in.    

In Options360, our SOLO and TLT positions are most likely going to expire at the end of the week worthless. 

I hate it, but I openly admit it when I get a trade (or two) wrong.  

Still the overall portfolio is up a whopping 18% YTD.  

While 18% on a single trade isn’t very exciting, for the entire portfolio (winners and losers) to be up 18% in just 2.5 months is incredible.  

And compared to the S&P 500 – which is up about 6.5%…

We are catching lightning in a bottle.   

And this week I am watching PLTR and STNE closely and expect to enter a position in both stocks.  

Of course, there are no promises – I never force a trade.  But the charts are lining up nicely!

For obvious reasons I can’t give you the trades, however, if you would like to know what they are you can still get a trial membership to Options360 for just $19.  

You’ll get any new trades this week – plus you will get all my new trade recommendations for the next month. 

And of course, I will help you manage your positions with ongoing trade updates. 

PLUS, you’ll get hundreds of hours of training webinars that are archived…

And two live members-only training events.  

Frankly, the live training events are worth more than the $19 by themselves.

I also will give you my personal email address for questions.  Just no personal trading advice – I’m not allowed to give you that.

You get everything for just $19.

It’ll be the best $19 you’ve ever spent.  

To Your Success,


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