IBD Calls This Market “Riskier Than A Bear,” They are Wrong…

by Options Sensei |

On Friday morning, IBD released a story that calls this market “Riskier Than A Bear.”

Specifically, they say:

“Choppy markets are the most dangerous environment for growth investors. In a clear market uptrend, most stocks are going to rise. In a correction or bear market, investors can simply step to the side until conditions improve. But in a volatile sideways market, there are plenty of top stocks that look promising. There will be days (or intradays) when the major indexes are running and top stocks are flashing buy signals. But that means investors are going to be prone to buying near (very short-term) tops. Even if the overall trend is sideways, there’s a strong chance that new buys will be underwater.”

I agree with the explanation about the market conditions…

However, saying that the market is dangerous because you can’t just buy stocks and let them sit passively and appreciate is like saying scuba diving in the Keys is dangerous because there are sharks.

It’s silly…

Yes, if you are diving in the Keys you need to keep your attention on what is happening around you, but calling it dangerous is just misleading and inflammatory.

If you read my article on Saturday you know that I am expecting a steep market sell-off and that I believe it would be healthy. That doesn’t mean I am calling for a bear market, and timing in this market is treacherous

Once again, I find myself looking back at the John Maynard Keyes quote, “The market can remain irrational longer than you can stay solvent.” 

We need to be active and nimble.  We need to be able to enter positions and exit them quickly.

We can’t look at this market as a buy and hold opportunity… but the market is not inherently “dangerous.”

Flexibility in your approach, eyes on the market, and downside protection are keys to winning.

I learned this all the “hard way” through decades of bull and bear markets, recessions and expansions, and basically getting my knuckles smacked though my entire professional investing career.

That’s why I run Options 360 the way I do.  We aren’t a “call and put service,” nor are we a calendar spread, or diagonal spread service…

We use every tool in the toolbox to help our subscribers make the most out of every market.

You can try Options360 for just $19!

Even though we have every tool and strategy open to us, we don’t stop there.

I am a market junkie.  I obsess over it.  I’m not sure that’s healthy sometimes, but it means that I am constantly looking at the market for my subscribers, so they don’t have to.

And finally, protecting your downside.  If you have been reading my emails for very long you know the story about my first trade.

Short version, I sold naked puts the day before they expired on United Airlines because they were merging with Northwestern.  The next day, hours before the puts expired, the merger was called off and the stocks plummeted.

And I lost $50,000 that I could ill afford to lose.

I learned my lesson about naked positions on my FIRST trade.

That’s why nothing in Options360 is naked.  Every position has a predefined and limited downside.

You can try Options360 out for an entire month for just $19.

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