IPO Mania…

by Options Sensei |

As I write this AirBnb is up to $148 for it’s open at $68.  Today, the company is worth $100 billion?

A few months ago the CEO of the company was out raising money at insane interest rates so they could stay afloat.

Admittedly, they did a great job pivoting in order to take advantage of the mass exodus from cities earlier this year…

But the valuation is just too high for my taste.

Same with companies like Snowflake and Doordash.

Some of these companies are being valued at 100-150 times sales.  Not EBITA or profits….

150 times sales!

Doordash’s current valuation is higher than 3 of the major food chains combined.  How is that possible when they make less per meal than the restaurant?

This all seems very reminiscent of the Dot Com bubble and the ensuing burst to me.

Maybe I’m just an old fuddy-duddy, but I like to stick to trades that have less speculation and more reliable wealth-building opportunity.

Like the iron condor, we just closed today in Options360.  Subscribers had the chance to grab a 35% return in just 8 days.

No that’s not 135% in a few hours in Airbnb, but we can replicate that kind of return over and over…

And it doesn’t matter if the market keeps going up for years, or if we have another bubble burst.

Limited and defined downside and carefully chosen trades.

That’s how we have beat the S&P 500 every year since we launched…

And it’s why our subscribers stay with us year in and year out.

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