[Last Chance] Be Ready for the Post Election Moves…

by Options Sensei |

Tomorrow is the day…or is it?

Be Ready to Maximize Your Profits From the Post Election Price Action!

There’s a lot of speculation that we won’t know who won the election when we get up Wednesday morning…

And that could be an issue for the markets.

You see the markets hate uncertainty.  That’s why presidential elections years tend to be volatile anyway.

But as I’ve said, maybe 1000 times at this point – when you add Covid, riots, recession (depression?) on top of an election year…

And now there are no immediate plans for a stimulus package!

The market is just grasping for anything it can count on.

I think there’s a little bit of certainty coming tomorrow night.  I believe that we’ll be able to declare a winner.

But I guess we’ll find out.

However, once we have a winner I expect to see the market rally.

Whatever happens, market rally or more uncertainty, my Options360 subscribers will be ready.

Don’t get caught with your proverbial pants down.  You can grab your $19 trial subscription today!  It’s your last chance before the election.

Either way, the market moves we will be ready to “safely” profit from those moves.

And remember, no matter who you are voting for, make sure you vote.  Whether your candidate wins or loses, we all must make our voices heard.

To Your Success,


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