Revealed: How to Rebound From a Terrible Trade

by Options Sensei |

On the 28th of last month, I sent a recommendation to my Options360 subscribers for a position in FB.  

The very next day, the stock broke badly and we had to adjust.  

I knew it was possible the stock might go against us, but I didn’t think it would be so soon or so drastic.  

We made the adjustments and I kept monitoring the stock closely.  

It’s always bad when a stock goes against you, but when it happens as quickly and drastically as in this trade …

Well, you just hunker down and wait for the worst. 

But remember what I always preach about monitoring and managing positions, because this terrible trade is a perfect example of what can happen. 

After the adjustment, we were on the right side of the trade, and on the 18th of February, we exited the trade for a 35% gain in just 21 days

It’s not a superstar trade, but being able to keep a calm head and properly manage the trade turned a massive loser into a respectable winner. 

This week I am looking at some of the cyclical stocks from the last commodity supercycle.   

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