REVEALED: The 2 New Trades I Made Today

by Options Sensei |

The market is on fire today.  

I’ve been saying that I expect the bulls to reassert themselves, and it looks like they might have.  Of course, we need more than one strong day to know if this is going to stick…

But it is a good sign.  

We put on two new trades in Options360 today and rolled an existing trade to maximize wins.

I’m very excited about these new trades, and no matter how the market moves this week I expect to pick up a nice ROI on both of them.  

The new positions are in PHM and MSOS. 

For obvious reasons I can’t give you the trades, however, if you would like to know what they are you can still get a trial membership to Options360 for just $19.  

You’ll get these new trades that members just got at noon today – plus you will get all my new trade recommendations for the next month. 

And of course, I will help you manage your positions with ongoing trade updates. 

PLUS, you’ll get hundreds of hours of training webinars that are archived…

And two live members-only training events.  

Frankly, the live training events are worth more than the $19 by themselves.

I also will give you my personal email address for questions.  Just no personal trading advice – I’m not allowed to give you that.

You get everything for just $19.

It’ll be the best $19 you’ve ever spent.  

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