Revealed: The 56% Gain I Made Today

by Options Sensei |

Wow, the market has been getting smashed since noon.  I guess no one believed what Powell said in his talk today.  

Wall Street seems to have just lost confidence in the Fed. 

Still, even among the carnage, I sent out an alert at around 12:45 pm to subscribers of Options360 to close a position in Morgan Stanley (MS).

We grabbed a quick 56% return on that trade in just 6 weeks

Honestly, most of the Options360 trades don’t last 6 weeks – and we did make some adjustments in the trade along the way.

Still 56% ROI!

You know how often I pound the drum about position management.  Properly managing trades to maximize profits and reduce losses is critical to trading success. 

Had you just taken me up on a $19 trial offer, you could have cashed in on this trade.  As it is, you missed it.  

But please, don’t miss the next great trade.  With this kind of market movement, I am on the hunt…

And I am really excited about this next week.  

So click here and claim your $19 trial offer.  

Now I need to get back to my computer and find some more trades. 

To Your Success,


PS. I always tell you not to let newsletter and trading service editors and analysts cherry pick trades and get you excited.  So I’ll tell you that the Options360 portfolio is up 11% YTD.  

No matter how you slice it, 11% up after 2 months is amazing.  However, compared to our benchmark, the S&P 500 – which is up only about .7% on the year as I write this…

Hedge fund managers are jealous of my Options360 subscribers right now!  Grab your $19 trial membership to Options360 TODAY!  

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