Take These 4 Steps Towards BUILDING a Passive-Aggressive Portfolio!

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Options Trading Strategy for Beginners:  Use this in any market condition.

We are asked all the time:  ‘What is a great Options Trading Strategy for Beginners?’  Well, here you go thanks to our friends at Options Sensi.

The trend of index or “passive” investing accelerated, following the financial crisis and seems to now represent a generational shift in the way investors approach the stock market.  Namely, they don’t necessarily trust it or those that dispense advice, but they acknowledge that stocks are still one of the best ways to build wealth.

So, while “passive” is all the rage one astute reader, Pete, noted, “Steve, isn’t the fact that one chooses to invest in stocks, no matter what the vehicle, by definition makes him an active investor… “

This strategy is the perfect place to start. If you’ve been trading options at any level, especially beginners – use these four steps.

This is a great insight and allows us to continue my prior take on passive/aggressive investing.  Let’s go the next step and lay out five steps how one can be “actively passive to generate Alpha”

We need to start with the premise that…

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