Why I Work With AMTG….

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In the late ’90s, when online financial publishing really started to take off, I got an offer to contribute to Individual Investor, then to Jim Cramer’s site TheStreet.co.

With TheStreet.com, I launched one of the first options-based newsletters in the industry and wrote as a columnist.  I’ve told you the story about how former pro baseball player Lenny Dykstra wanted to punch me because of my criticisms of his trading methods.

Anyway, I quickly realized that a lot of the newsletter writers were journalists, not traders!

Sure some of them had successfully traded or invested their own account, but surprisingly few had been professionals.

Here’s the thing, lots of professional traders and investors are great at what they do – but they can NOT communicate well in writing.

That’s kind of important when you are writing a newsletter or explaining trades in a trading service.

So lots of newsletters are run by journalists…

But, that presents a problem too. While journalists can communicate in writing, do you want to get investment research from someone who is NOT an investment professional?

I know I wouldn’t!

Luckily, I have a deep professional options trading background, and I have the ability to explain the trades we make in my Options360 service in a way everyone can understand.

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Adam, the founder and CEO of Adam Mesh Trading Group (AMTG),  refers to people like me as a “double threat.”

Here’s why I publish with AMTG…

Adam and his team don’t just publish any newsletter they can sell.  Every newsletter editor/writer that AMTG publishes has a professional trading background.

That makes a huge difference when it comes to the quality of research and recommendations you get.

Adam’s ethics line up with my own…

And so I work exclusively with AMTG as my publisher.

You have a chance to see for yourself the difference this approach makes when it comes to your trading success with a $19 trial membership to Options360.

It’s not unusual for trial members to make enough money during their trial period to pay for their full subscription, so it’s really a “no-brainer.”

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P.S. If you don’t like the service, you can cancel after the trial membership.  Few people do, though…

The fact is the value you get in the form of education and recommendations is FAR more than than the meager subscription rate.

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