Why Is This Cannabis Company Up 15% Today?

by Options Sensei |

GW Pharma (GWPH) is a medical marijuana company that is truly about “getting well, not getting high” and may end up being the best long term investment in the entire cannabis sector.

Most of the buzz (pun intended) surrounding the cannabis industry pertains to using the THC component for recreational purposes of getting high.

There’s also the area of using Cannabidiol (CBD)which is non-intoxicating, in various forms for moderately-therapeutic uses such as pain management, relief of anxiety and nausea other non-life threatening ailments.

A lot of speculative money has been thrown into these areas and will be due for a shakeout with just a few winners and many losers.

And then there are applications that are truly medical. This refers to pharmaceutical applications for developing drugs to treat serious diseases or chronic conditions, ranging from epilepsy to cancer. This area that could have the greatest impact on disrupting the healthcare industry and result in several multi-billion dollar prescription drugs.

My top pick is…

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