Why It’s Time for You to Go ‘Long’

by Options Sensei |

Yesterday, I pointed out why the market is up so much on the week, even though the presidential election is still up in the air.

Just to recap:

  1. It looks like Congress is going to be deadlocked, no matter who the president is.  Deadlock means status quo…and the market likes the status quo, 
  2. A Covid vaccine seems imminent.  Even though there is a second wave starting in Europe, it looks like it is less deadly than the first wave and the market seems to think a vaccine is right around the corner. 
  3. $140 billion a month and 0% rates.  The Fed has promised to keep the spigot on for the foreseeable future.  With bonds paying nothing the only place for money to go is into stocks. 
  4. Now that the market is surging, institutional investors are unwinding hedges and going long again.

All of that points to the bulls getting off their duff and running again.

Notice, however, nothing in that list has to do with better fundamentals or the economy getting better.

It is, slightly, but the economy is nowhere near as strong as it was pre-Covid.

That means we need to take advantage of the market surge without sticking our necks out too far.

As always, it’s about managing our positions…

Not just buying anything that seems to be going up.

That’s why Options360 members enjoy consistent marketing beating returns year in and year out.

We profit on the way up, and we profit on the way down…

And we protect ourselves all the time.

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Now is the time…

To Your Success,


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